Can I Sort Videos In Different Orders To Show To My Users?

Of course you can. ClipBucket comes with a built-in function to get that done. You can read more about it here. <a href=\”http://docs.clip-bucket.com/get_videos-function\”>{get_videos} function </a>

If I Have Issues With Premium version Will You Fix Them?

Yes, we will. By buying our premium version you get free premium support according to the plan you choose and hence, you will get help on all the issues and we will be doing the fixes if you need.

Host Says Website Is Slow Because Of Bad Written Code. Is It True?

No, it is not. ClipBucket is created and maintained by world-class developers and programmers and is in the best condition possible. If your host is saying this, they are simply trying to blame someone else for their own lack of services.

Can I Remove “Forged by ClipBucket ” From footer? How?

Yes, you can remove this from the footer and even replace it with your own. All you have to do for this is buy the ClipBucket premium plan. You can know more about it here.

What file holds Boostrap? Bootstrap.css or Bootstrap.min.css? Why both of them?

All styling is pulled from bootstrap.min.css and the reason why we have bootstrap.css is to make it easy for modifiers to read the code.

How Long Can I Use ClipBucket Free version?

The opensource and free version of ClipBucket is free forever. Go ahead and start using it without having to worry about paying for it. You will never be asked to pay for this product.

Any Big Websites Using ClipBucket?

We are proud to tell you that Tune.pk is using ClipBucket. It has millions of videos, users who are active all day and night. Website handles heavy traffic and data usage without any breakdowns proving just how amazing ClipBucket is.

Can I Put Ads On ClipBucket Website?

Of course, you can. It is an open source script. You can put any kind of advertisements on your website without having to ask the ClipBucket team for permissions.

Do I Have To Share My Revenue With ClipBucket Team?

No, you don’t. Every single penny that you make by using ClipBucket is yours. We get nothing at all out of that. Yeah, we don’t even make a single cent for you using ClipBucket.

When Should I Create Ticket Instead Of Contacting Live Support?

If you have some simple query like questions about features, upgrades etc, you can ask that on live chat otherwise, if you have complex technical issues, go ahead to create a ticket instead.

Video Never Plays And Keeps Loading. What is wrong?

Sometimes due to misconfiguration or server problems, videos are not converted properly which is the reason why they never play. Try reconverting such videos and they will start to work.

Can I Modify ClipBucket And Sell It As A script?

Yes, make sure you keep the name at the footer (Forged by ClipBucket), if you want to remove it you have to buy the license.

Can I Sell ClipBucket Themes And Plugins Made By Myself?

Yes, we always encourage people to do so BUT do not make anything which is a direct competition of our official plugin which can confuse people whether its official or not.

What Are Suggested Server Specifications For ClipBucket (Ram, Space, Bandwidth?)

It depends on your own requirements, you can setup CB on a small VPS provided by our partner Control web or you can set up a dedicated environment. ClipBucket is fully scalable.

Where Is File That Holds FFMPEG Commands Code?

ClipBucket file that holds all FFMPEG commands is ffmpeg.class.php and it can be found inside ClipBucket_installation_Directory\\includes\\classes\\conversion. If you want to make any changes to the way videos are converted in ClipBucket, this is what you edit.


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