ClipBucket Installation


  1. PHP 5.2.x & MySql 5.x.x
  2. PHP with Background Processing and Exec Enabled
  3. GD Library For Captchas and Other Image Manuplation


  • New Installation
  • Update from v2.x
  • Upgrade from v1.x

first extract downloaded file, you will find “upload” folder , LICENSE and README file

New Installation

  • Upload all files of /upload folder to your website folder
  • Now Open your website as
  • Click on “Fresh Installation” and Follow instructions

Upgrade from v2.x

  • Backup your database
  • Backup your template or rename its folder if you have done any customization (only for Default Template)
  • Upload and overwrite existing files
  • Remove /files/install.loc file from your website
  • Point your websie URL to /install folder
  • Click on “Update from 2.x”
  • Follow the instructions

Upgrader from v1.x

  • Only VIDEO – MEMBERS and VIDEO COMMENTS will be imported
  • Upload all files of /upload directory to your website clipbucket folder, overwrite existing
  • Now point your website to /install folder
  • Click on “Upgrade from v1.7”
  • Follow The instructions
  • Upgrading is done via AJAX, please keep following Instructions until you find Admin Panel 😉

After Installation

now once you have done a successfull installation, you must read following instructions in order to work ClipBucket properly

  • Setting Up Admin Panel
  • Setting Up Crons

Setting Up Admin Panel

  • Ask your Web Host for following modules paths
    1. FFMPEG
    2. FLVtool2
    3. Mp4Box
    4. PHP
  • You can also get these patsh by clicking on “Server Modules Info” in Tool Box Menu
  • Once you Get these paths, Goto Website Configurations > “Upload and Conversion” > Enter Paths and Save them accordingly
  • Once you save your settings, go back to “Server Modules Info”, you will find all modules status OK in form of CHECK icon
  • Now Edit your settings accordinly

Setting Up Crons

cron jobs are required to do automation jobs such as conversion, generating stats, file manipulation etc…

  • Our cron jobs require PHP path to run
  • Please refer to following screenshote for graphical demonstration
  • A Video tutorial will be posted soon for setting cron jobs on cPanel and other Control Panels

crons jobs will be set like * * * * * /path/to/php -q /path/to/file, path to php are mostly like either only “php” or “/usr/local/bin/php” or “/usr/bin/php”, please ask your host for setting up crons cause they better know their servers and paths

1) Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day, Every Month, Every Weekend (or set accordingly)

* * * * * php -q /relative/path/to/clipbucket/actions/video_convert.php

2) Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day, Every Month, Every Weekend (or set accordingly)

* * * * * php -q /relative/path/to/clipbucket/actions/verify_converted_videos.php

3)0 Minute of Hour, 0,12,23 Hours of a Day, Every Day, Every Month, Every Weekend

0 0,12,13 * * *
php -q /relative/path/to/clipbucket/actions/update_cb_stats.php
ClipBucket Cron Jobs Demonstration

ClipBucket Cron Jobs Demonstration

thats all for now

Troubleshoot & Support


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