How To Add Multiple Users With Single Click

Sometimes you need to add multiple users for testing purpose or some other reason. By default ClipBucket would not allow you to do that but you can do with a single MySQL query. If you are unfamiliar with programming, don’t worry because this tutorial will give you step by step guidance to get it done.

Step 1:
Login into cPanel and click on phpmyadmin.

Step 2:
Select database in which you have installed ClipBucket.

Step 3:
Now click on SQL at top. It will now take you to place where you execute queries. It is time now to prepare your data for users.

insert into cb_users (userid, email, country, username, password, sex) values (type_user_id_here, 'type_email_address_here', 'type_country_name_here', 'type_username_here', 'type_password_here', 'type_gender_here');

That is a basic query that you need to add a single new users. You can use the same method to add even 10,00 new users if you want. Just copy above code and replace data with your desired credentials.

Step 4:
Once you have created all data you need simply execute your query.

Step 5:
Go to users section in admin_area and see magic of your work.

Have fun.

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