How To Change Video Conversion Speed In ClipBucket

Sometimes you have a slower server and video conversion just takes too much time or you want to have better video quality but faster conversion is causing quality lost. In such case, you can manually modify FFMPEG presets and increase or decrease conversion speed.

These are available presets.

  • veryslow (slowest possible speed yet best possible video quality)
  • slow
  • normal (recommended)
  • fast
  • faster
  • veryfast
  • ultrafast (fastest possible speed yet lowest video quality)

Note: Keep in mind that slower the conversion speed, the better will be video quality.

Step 1:

Go to
main directory / includes / classes / conversion and open ffmpeg.class.php

Step 2:

Search for

if ($version

Now below it you should be able to see ffmpeg presets that are usually normal, slow and medium depending on input video quality.

Step 3:

Change any of them to your needs and hit save. New videos uploaded after this save will now use new settings.

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