[HOW-TO] Create new Ad Placements in Clip-Bucket


I am writing this article as a request from somebody called Mark. Not only him but a lot of people might wonder how the new ad placement feature works, well here is the explanation. Written for v2.0.91. **WORKS WITH v2.6**

Difficulty level: Medium (Easy if you have basic PHP & HTML knowledge)

Let’s say we want to add a 300×150 ad below every video that says: “Test Advertisement below video”.

1. Login to your admin_area

2. On the left column, under ‘Advertisement’, look for Manage Placements and open it.

You have two fields, Placement Name and Placement Code.

3. In the first field, Placement Name, you need to type the name you would like to give to the placement. I recommend giving it a name so that later when you want to change it’s code, you know where it’s located and what is it’s size. We will type something like: “Ad Below Video 300×150″

4. In the second field, Placement Code, you need to type the code you would like to give to the placement, so you can call it in the script. We will type: “ad_300x150″.

5. Click Submit.

This is how it looks after created:

~~Until here you have learned how to create a new ad placement. Steps 6 through 10, are to add a sample text to the ad.

6. In the left column, under Advertisement, look for Manage Advertisments (I know it’s misspelled, but that’s how it is written) and click on it.

7. On the first field of Add AdvertisementAdvertisement Name, add a symbolic name to the Ad, like what we did in step #3. We will add the same we added before: “Ad Below Video 300×150″.

8. In the Advertisement Placement’s dropdown box, look for the Placement Name we gave to our previously created placement in step #3. In this case, select: “Ad Below Video 300×150″.

9. In the Advertisement Code’s field, we will write the code we want to show in the ad. In this example, we will write: “Test Advertisement below video”

10. Select Active and click Submit.

~~ The next steps are for adding the ad code to the template where we want to display it, in this case, we want it below every video.

11. Open ./styles/{YOURTEMPLATE}/layout/watch_video.html

12. Search for “<!– Actions –>”, and before it, we will paste our code to display the ad: {AD place=”ad_300x150″}, so it will look something like this image:

This previous code is the one that needs to be placed wherever you want to show your ad.

This how to guide is Written by Richi González

Original tutorial was posted on Arvixe Blog

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