How To Create New Database Table On ClipBucket Plugin Installation

If you are creating a plugin and you would like to create a new table in MySQL database upon installation, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Create a new PHP file in plugin folder and name it install_plugin_name.php

Step 2:

Paste following code into that file.



function install_plugin_name()
	global $db;
	'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS '.tbl("your_table_name ").' (
	  `your_column_name` text NOT NULL
	$db->Execute("INSERT INTO  ".tbl(‘your_table_name’)." (your_column_name) VALUES ('')");
function install_plugin_name();

Save it.

Step 3:

Now install your plugin and go to phpMyAdmin. Click on your ClipBucket database name and there you will see your newly created table among other ClipBucket tables.

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