How To Add Multiple Users With Single Click

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Sometimes you need to add multiple users for testing purpose or some other reason. By default ClipBucket would not allow you to do that but you can do with a single MySQL query. If you are unfamiliar with programming, don’t worry because this tutorial will give you step by step guidance to get it done.

Step 1:
Login into cPanel and click on phpmyadmin.

Step 2:
Select database in which you have installed ClipBucket.

Step 3:
Now click on SQL at top. It will now take you to place where you execute queries. It is time now to prepare your data for users.

insert into cb_users (userid, email, country, username, password, sex) values (type_user_id_here, 'type_email_address_here', 'type_country_name_here', 'type_username_here', 'type_password_here', 'type_gender_here');

That is a basic query that you need to add a single new users. You can use the same method to add even 10,00 new users if you want. Just copy above code and replace data with your desired credentials.

Step 4:
Once you have created all data you need simply execute your query.

Step 5:
Go to users section in admin_area and see magic of your work.

Have fun.

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