How To Create A ClipBucket Theme

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ClipBucket comes with option to change themes to fit your needs. Themes allow you to modify functionality as well as outlook of your website and they are super easy to create.

ClipBucket themes are combination of multiple elements and you will need to follow a simple & clean structure which helps us ensure that all of themes are maintainable.

Directory : Images => Folder that contains all theme related images, icons etc
Directory : Layout => Folder that contains all HTML files and are base structure of theme
Directory : Theme => Folder that contains all styles related data like CSS, JS and other similar files
File : template.xml => File that contains data to be displayed in templates manager. A sample of this file is given below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<name>ClipBucket V2.8</name>
<author>Jamil ur Rehman, Fahad Abbas, Saqib Razzaq</author>
<released>Tue, 8th March 2016 06:00:00 +0000</released>
<description>ClipBucket v2.8 Theme By Clipbucket Team</description>
<website title="ClipBucket"></website>
<license>Attribute Assurance License</license>

Layout folder sstructure

You can structure this folder whatever the way you like but we strongly recommend to stick with flow of our default theme which goes as following.

global_header.html => Contains files that are loaded on almost all pages
header.html => Contains header (navigation etc) of your theme
footer.html => Contains footer of your theme
body.html [required] => Contains above files in same format

Other than that, you are allowed to lay your files according to your needs. To get a better idea of what layout files are and what they do, take a look at this document 

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