How To Run Funnctions On Install or Uninstall Of ClipBucket Plugin

55 views October 18, 2016 Saqib Razzaq 0

It is important to be able to run functions on install and install of plugin because its possible that you may want to create new tables or columns on installation of plugin or delete some data on installation. That’s quite simple and easy to perform from ClipBucket.

All you have to do is create two new files.

  • Install_your_plugin_main_file_name.php
    This file will be executed each time your plugin is installed. You can use it to create new tables, alter existing ones or anything else you wish.
  • Uninstall_your_plugin_main_file_name.php
    This file executes each time your plugin is uninstalled. You can use it to remove your plugins data such as users etc to ensure useless data doesn’t stay on server.

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