How to setup ClipBucket SVN on localhost

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Hi guys, today I am going to give you brief on how to setup ClipBucket on localhost. I will upload video tutorial and will tell you about how to add ffmpeg and other modules later but first lets just setup your own local development.

We are using tortoise on windows a pretty easy software for SVN management. You can download it from here

Once it is installed, goto your web server root directory, mine is d:/wamp/www , create new folder called clipbucket_svn and open it. Right click and you see an option in context menu ‘checkout here’ click it and enter this URL

as repo and move on

It will take few seconds to download all source. Once done, create new database in your phpmyadmin named ‘clipbucket_svn’. After this delete ‘clipbucket.php’ and ‘dbconnect.php’ from includes folder and open http://localhost/clipbucket_svn/upload/cb_install (make sure URL is correct according to your source directory) and keep clicking next , ignore errors if your on windows, use clipbucket_svn as database and root as user, leave password blank for database settings , click check connection and continue to finish it. Once it’s all done, goto admin_area, login and choose latest template for front-end under appearance option.

This is it. Have questions ? You can contact me here

Happy Ramadan

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