Where Do I Go To Get Help?

There are more than one thing that you can do when you encounter a problem. It is tempting to go running for help to support team every time you run into problem but that might not be best solution both for you and for us. We deal with a big number of support questions every day and most of them are already answered somewhere.

It is not only annoying to answer same question again and again but it also causes unnecessary load on support team resulting in long wait for customers that are in bad need to get help. So we are compiling a list of things here that you should try before you contact Live Support or create a support ticket.

1. Read ClipBucket Docs:
The first thing that you should do is lookout in ClipBukcet documentation because that is where we have tried to answer as many question as possible to help you get over common problems. If that doesn’t work for you then consider other options.

2. Search ClipBucket Discourse:
Discourse is new place for ClipBucket users to get help and we are spending serious amount of efforts in making it the best possible so you never have to wonder disappointed when you run into some problem. Search your problem here and it is highly likely that you will find some solution.

3. Ask community:
If even this search doesn’t bring you what you are looking for, go ahead and post a new topic and let our amazing community help you out. Helping each other is among the top reason why ClipBucket is so popular.

4. Experiment:
Sometimes problems are not as big as we think they are and looking at them with cool mind can fix them. Hence, try to do a little bit of experimenting on your issues because even if you fail to fix them you’ll surely learn something new.

5. Google:
There are many other blogs and websites that are contributing into our big collection of helpful tutorials to make ClipBucket as easy as possible. If you do a quick Google search for your problem, you should get some solution.

If none of above methods seem to work for you, it is time now to contact ClipBucket support team.

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