ClipBucket Branding Removal

ClipBucket places its own tagline in CB footer by default. Since, ClipBucket is free it allows us to take a little bit of credit for the hard work we have done. But you can remove that tagline and replace it with your own. We have Branding Removal plugin to for you to get that job done easily. All you have to do is install plugin that’s it. From time after that, now your tagline will be displayed in footer. But why oh why should you use this plugin is what you might ask. Keep reading to know the answer.

Stand Out Of Crowd:

There are tons of websites out there using ClipBucket with default branding (CB tagline in footer). There are so many of them that even we don’t have the accurate count. If you are using the default "Forged By ClipBucket" line in your footer, you are just another one of those thousands of websites. In order to be able to stand out of the crowd and show that you are better than everyone else in your market you have to use this plugin and replace default tagline with your own or completely remove it if needed.

Win Trust:

Not all people know what ClipBucket is. Those that aren’t involved in tech industry (most of your visitors) are even more unlikely to know about it. Hence, when they see the default tagline at bottom, it given them the feeling that website they are currently surfing isn’t to be trusted which is something you always want to avoid as web developer. Hence, you have got to use this plugin to make sure you don’t lose users that you work so hard to get.

Look Professional:

When you use ClipBucket Branding Removal and replace default tagline with your custom one, you will look far more professional.

Compete With World:

ClipBucket is powerful enough to run the largest video sharing website possible. Once you have bottom tagline replaced, you are ready to complete with the world and try to tackle some of the biggest websites on the planet.