Social Connect

ClipBucket Social Connect is a plugin created for making it easy for ClipBucket customers to allow their website users to login with ease without having to fill in long forms. As the name suggests, this plugin allows users to login using their social network accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. You can increase your website’s signup rate up to 75% with Social Connect in place.

Latest API:

Social Connect uses latest API for all networks and will be continuously updated as those APIs change. You can easily download those updates once you have purchased this plugin from us. Latest API means you don’t have to worry about compatibility of security risks at all. Just pull the plugin and you are ready to put power of social media into your ClipBucket website.

Easily Configurable:

Do you have 0 programming skills? No problem at all. Social Connect plugin has user friendly backend section for each of these social Connect. All you have to do is put in required details and hit save button. No code editing and no confusions.

Complete Functionality:

A user that logs in using Social Connect plugin will have all the functionality that a regular ClipBucket website user that logs in using email has. He will be able to add friends, add videos to playlists, add favorites, upload new videos and do everything else like a normal user would.

Cross Browser Compatible:

You don’t have to worry about behavior of this plugin in different browser as we have done that part for you. Social Connect works with all modern browser without any problems. Hence, as long as your user is not using Internet Explorer 0.1 or some similar version, they won’t have any problems logging in.

Comprehensive Guide:

Social Connect comes with a detailed API and installation guide that walks you through the whole process step by step. It shows you how to create required apps for each network and how to setup environment and everything else.