Why Buy With CipBucket

ClipBucket is world’s #1 open source multimedia sharing script and one of the reasons for that is the powerful features available for free. We develop ClipBucket with an open prospective keeping all kinds of people in mind. When you are building something that fits everyone’s needs, it is quite difficult to cover specific needs of each person. That’s where our premium products come in to help you out. Below are some reasons why you should buy with ClipBucket


Get What You Need
Unlike ClipBucket core, plugins are not built keepings needs of all in mind. They are made for a specific reasons. For example, not everyone wants to get big enough to buy ClipBucket MultiServer but those that do, plugin is here. You pay only if you need it and when you get any plugin, you’ll get exactly what you were promised


Get The Advantage
There are countless websites using ClipBucket already. If you simply just into the flow by going with same default theme and plugins, it will be difficult for you to stand out from crowd. On other hand, if you decide to buy a premium theme, you immediately jump many miles ahead of those going with default things as premium themes and plugins are superior to free themes & plugins in every way.


 If you want to embed 50,000 YouTube videos on your website with default ClipBucket, you will have to first fetch all 50K urls and then embed them one by one. However, with ClipBucket Mass Embedder, the same thing can be done in a lot faster way.


Boost Profits
Every premium product comes with an edge of its own and helps your website gets stronger in that specific part. For example, if your website is getting big, get MultiServer and increase streaming speed. If you are uploading premium content, use Paid Subscription Module to charge your users in different ways.

In short, you can make much more money as premium user than you ever can as basic user.


Installation Services
Even though all are products are super easy to install and come with a complete documentation and installation guide, we offer installation service as well. It means that if you are having trouble installing a Premium Plugin or Theme, we will do the installation part for you.


In the end, it is YOU THE PEOPLE that we care about the most as you are the ones making us what we are. If you have any questions about anything regarding ClipBucket, feel free to ask us anytime.