Well, you havent seen any update of ClipBucket from past few months, its because we are working on a big fish right now, from now ClipBucket will have new features with more flexibility and security.

What do you mean by flexibility ?
i mean, in next version , editing, plugins, and template designing will be very easy as we are adding new and more powerfull Plugin System. More clean template. More new functions that can be used in backend as well as front end.

What will be new in ClipBucket v1.8

  1. Built in youtube grabber HD ENABLED
  2. Easy to use Ad manager with proper and more placements and improved impressions system
  3. 1 Click plugin installer with Documentation so people can create more plugins
  4. ClipBucket installer
  5. Linux/Windows compatible
  6. New HD player
  7. Ajax for comments, and other video functions
  8. Cron jobs for video conversion
  9. Word censor
  10. Picture mod (http;// Descision pending due to lack of user response

These are the most common feature list, there is alot more to go

Right now, our current Video Grabber plugin has been upgraded, it will be available soon with PLUS features and more websites.

By Comments off March 12, 2009