ClipBucket – Video Report & Stats for White Label VOD solution

Adaptive streaming is a process that adjusts the quality of a video delivered to a web page based on changing network conditions to ensure the best possible viewer experience. ClipBucket provides 2 types of Adaptive streaming solutions, Admin can choose any of these streaming for their site from admin area according to their requirements. The Available streamings are:

HLS Streaming
DASH Streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS) is a performance management technique for streaming multimedia over computer networks. Historically, most video streaming approaches were founded on RTP or RTSP; but now most adaptive streaming technologies are built for transmission over HTTP over large, broad-distribution networks. ABS works by dynamically monitoring Network and Processing capacity and then making corresponding adjustments to video quality.

The heart of the process involves encoding the source video at varying bit rates, and then segmenting each of the different bit rate streams into small parts. The segment length typically varies between 2 and 10 seconds.

The user’s multimedia player can take advantage of ABS if it has the capability to switch among the different bitrate segments locating the segments that correspond best to the bandwidth on the user’s computer.