ClipBucket – Best White Label Video On Demand (VOD) Solution

Adaptive Streaming
Geo Restrictions
No IT, No Coding

Clipbucket OTT Platform:
One platform solution to start your own OTT (over the top video delivery) platform with iOS, Android mobile apps as well as AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, FireTV without any development and coding skills. We will do the full publishing of the apps from your Appstore/development accounts with all future updates & maintenance.

We are best OTT platform and services providers and we offer the best support and technical guidance for your OTT platform. Our team is skilled and experienced in providing content streaming solutions and over the top video content delivery according to customers requirements. We have deployed solutions for different over the top video providers and ott video services in South Asia and the Middle East region.

Clipbucket Video On Demand Feature:
For Video on Demand (VOD) our Paid Subscription module extends your ClipBucket platform with payment options for selected premium videos. Video on Demand is perfectly applicable for Movies, TV series or Online learning website. Admin can set PPV (Pay per view videos) or Subscription packages. Subscription video on demand (SVOD) includes services such as Netflix that require users to pay a monthly fee to access a bundled set of content. PayPal payment gateway is integrated for payments.

Clipbucket OTT/VOD Key Features

Fully Responsive:
With ClipBucket VOD script you can launch your fully responsive VOD Platform in just a matter of few minutes! You can deploy your platform across Website, Android App, iOS App instantly without any coding knowledge or any IT Teams. ClipBucket’s in-built Video Engine and CMS helps you integrate all your videos at one place and create and deploy your streaming platform across different devices and screens in minutes!

White Label Platform:
ClipBucket provides a completely White-label platform and all the websites and mobile apps that we deploy using Clipbucket are deployed under your domain logo and brand name. The website and mobile apps will carry your logo, the apps are published to respective stores under your developer ID. Your customers will not see ClipBucket branding anywhere. It’s your brand name to your viewers!

Premium Support:
No need to worry about Tech support and hiring IT Teams etc for running your own IT infrastructure like – servers, storage, managing bandwidth, database server, transcoding server, firewalls and CDN! Clipbucket provides and manages this all for you, out-of-the-box!


Clipbucket is fully equipped to handle and defend your platform against all types of cyber threats that currently hamper huge losses to the entertainment industry. Clipbucket offers you an option to go in for a Studio Approved DRM that keeps your contents safe by encrypting the videos thus preventing them from being captured or leaked out to keeping at bay the numerous video download softwares and add-ons currently available in the market.

Clipbucket’s Watermarking feature further enhances video security by watermarking your videos during playback with viewer’s IP Address, Name or Email ID. Clipbucket conducts a host of tests regularly like Penetration Testing & Security Audits to ensure high level of protection and has 24×7 security monitoring of the infrastructure to fend off attacks like DDoS attacks.

Paid Subscription Module With PayPal Integration:
Our VOD module has PayPal payment gateway integrated for payments from users. All the payment and revenues collected from your VOD platform are directly linked to your PayPal. ClipBucket also supports a Multi-Payment Gateway architecture, so you can use more than one payment gateway for collecting payments, this helps you in a multi-geography environment.

Analytics & Reports:
Clipbucket provides detailed statistics about your website like Users, New users, Videos and photos uploads, etc with detailed graphs. You can use these stats to analyze your website progress and download these reports. Additionally our Revenue sharing module provides details about the video views based on regions/countries.

Geo Block:
We understand the need to Geo Block a VOD website or content from certain countries and regions which is why ClipBucket supports Geo Blocking on content level. The control is in your hand on how you want to configure the same as per your business dynamics.