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ClipBucket would not have been possible without its team hardwork and determination for the betterment of the products quality and its services. We are proud that a huge number of users are using worlds most popular open source video,audio and photo sharing script named ClipBucket. We are team who is determined to deliver the best features to the open source community.

Founded by Jahanzeb and Arslan in 2006, ClipBucket is owned by Integrated Units (Pvt) Ltd. It was made with the idea to bring a better platform for organizations and companies interested in launching their own video,audio or photo sharing website. In every version our mission and goal is to simplify the technology by adopting new technological methods and techniques to cut down several frontend and backend issues faced. The idea is to give the user a chance to explore more with the flexibility of our product. We never compromise on our product interactivity. We always try to create a simple yet interactive and elegant design so that the user can have the best experience of the functions. With the improved social networking options like channels and groups. With ClipBucket’s unmatched quantifiability, users will stretch their applications from family videos to photo-albums. We started off as a paid product and later realized there is more power in going open-source and here we stand today #1video sharing and media management script in the industry.


However the team behind ClipBucket always kept their heads and nerves, though they faced many difficulties and problems in meeting the requirements. But team’s coordination and their creative techniques of solving issues and overcoming them with the best possible solution helped us in presenting Pakistan on international platform in the field of technology by bringing “Clip Bucket” A complete open source multimedia management script.

Founders Jahanzeb Hassan and Arslan Hassan

Ruman Malik – Head Of Business Operations
Ali Ahmed Awan – Sales and Support Executive
Fahad Abbas – Web Developer (Integrated Units Project Head)
Yousaf Rasheed – Tech Support
Jazib Hussain– Frontend Developer

We are from Pakistan with high heads and soft hearts

Pakistan is always been in the news for the bad reasons and has been criticized by the rest of the world,even then the people of Pakistan are patriotic and stand united for the goodwill of their matter how worst the situation gets the youth is eager enough to bring out the best in all the fields like media,communication, IT and science. IT industry is fast growing with a large potential and is regarded as a successful sector even in country’s worst financial crisis. as the IT industry in Pakistan is growing like wise the demand for the softwares and programmes has taken up a rapid growth. ClipBucket is one of the fastest and the most used media sharing script with all the latest features and enhancements in the social media. We as Pakistani feel proud on creating this product which will lead our country to the highest levels in the international market.

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