Join Clipbucket

“It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit."

When I started working on ClipBucket, i was alone, and had one thing in my mind and that was to beat my competitor.And clipbucket was also new in the Market, Now, I have my small team working on clipbucket, but Primarily I am still working Alone on 80% of Clipbucket while Fawaz(my teammate) is helping me up and offcourse few other developers working to make Clipbucket better and fixing some part & areas of Clipbucket(We are Appreciate them for their work). We always welcome if you want to be one of us to hold the title of “ClipBucket Developer". As I said in past Clipbucket was new. But now after 2 and half year we are way Ahead and Also taken up the Opensource initiative. So Join us & become the part of clipbucket team.

In order to be a part of our development team, you must have following qualities

  • Web Development Addiction
  • Ajax and Web 2.0 Interaction
  • Loves to debug the code
  • Common Sense of “how to use google"

You may NOT required following things and/or we will ignore

  • Certificates or Degrees
  • Past Experience
  • Money

We will highly appreciate

  • Plugin Contributions
  • Themes Contributions
  • Forum Activity
  • Documentation and Tutorials
  • Customized Versions of ClipBucket
  • Language Contributions
  • RTL Compatibility

If you think you are ready to play, write us an email here