Hello Fellows,

Today is Independence day in our Country – Happy Birthday Pakistan

its been a while since i connected with you and i am sorry for that, things are little tough from past days as you know recession is everywhere.

We have to work hard in order to meet our needs, i received many emails about the next version and i did tell different dates about next release but truth is, it is going take a lil while, i will keep posting the updates regarding progress and developments , what we are doing, what we are working on.

As me and Frank decided, we are not releasing v1.8 in which we decided to add some new features. However there is V2 that will be a whole new thing but we will keep running the v1.x cycle , i wish i could release the screenshots but there are some copy cats who can copy ideas 🙂

I know , you people want best thing for free , for free !? , if thats the case, we are making the best thing for free , yes FOR FREE, but it wont be easy for us , i received abusive comments about delaying next release, not giving support etc.. but how can we give everything for free 🙂 we sure wants to, but we have to earn to meet our needs , we also and so we do take projects that are the cause of delaying updates and lack of support.

Well if you want the best thing, you have to wait and stay with ClipBucket, we don’t need your money but good wishes are enough, we are doing our best.

i am saying it again , this time we are not making Youtube Clone, we are making CLIPBUCKET

please let me know which tutorial you want till we release the next update so i can post some good things for you guys , anything related to ClipBucket, template editing, Designing, PHP, CSS , MYSQL , just leave a comment and i will write a nice and easy tutorial or for you , sorry for delaying ClipBucket installer, i will upload it asap.

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