ok, now good news for not only ClipBucket users but all Media Sharing Website owners because ClipBucket v2 is going to launch its first PRE ALPHA version on 25th December.

ClipBucket is now offering many new and flexible features considering requirement of users , we have now introduced Plugin system that can be extended up to any desired level ie if you want to run Youtube like website, you can create plugins such as caching, content off loading, HD videos, etc and many more,

well my only and only focus is to improve our code as much as i can so that more developers can join and code more and more plug-ins

well here is our very basic version of ClipBucket v2 , create your account in order to upload videos

we need more sponsors now, please find more sponsors for our Code so i can release it as soon as possible with as much features as everyone wants.

ClipBucket is now a complete Suite for any social website, media sharing website or community. It has all available features. I am working hard on it and want to give you the best thing. Right now, we need little support from you guys. You can discuss about ClipBucket v2 here on our forum .

Remember , we will releasing ClipBucket v2 (Pre Alpha) on 25th December on our Quaid’s Birthday and also x-mas.

keep rocking and waiting for my next posts.

By Comments off , December 18, 2009