Alright, we are releasing first release candidate of ClipBucket after 4 beta releases. Many new features and options have been added, we didn’t work much on conversion because it worked fine on many systems perhaps require “Video Conversion Troubleshooting Guide”, we have added a new plug-in called “ClipBucket Helper” that will help you set your crons and also tells you the status.

Click Here To Download ClipBucket 2.0.5

We are not done with migrators, because last time upgrader(migrator) didn’t work, but in this time we hope  it will work fine but we suggest you to buy our profession installation service in order to upgrade, because Old version(1.7.x) of ClipBucket had some sensitive areas that can crash while upgrading or get problems while importing data.

Following are the achievements we have made.

  1. Perfect Video Conversion (may need some troubleshooting)
  2. Easy Website Moderation and Administration
  3. Easy Integration with other scripts
  4. Fully Plug-able and Extendable
  5. Comes with 6 to 7 built-in plug-ins
  6. Quick-list, Playlist, Reporting, Favorites
  7. Easy Template Editing
  8. Easy Code Editing
  9. Gravatar Integrated
  10. Anonymous Comments
  11. Ajax Comments, Comments Rating
  12. Ajax Comment Spam and Delete (moderation)
  13. Highly Optimized SEO Links
  14. Easily Integrate-able Flash Players
  15. Mass Uploader (via FTP)
  16. Background Processing via Cron Jobs, Reduce Server Load
  17. Highly Video Conversion, Supports Mp4 Output
  18. WordPress Like Themes and Plug-in System
  19. Advance tags and search system
  20. Playlist feature (ajax based)
  21. Add unlimited thumbs for each video
  22. Easy-to-use Admin Panel for everyone with Helper Tools
  23. Editors Pick v2
  24. Group System v2
  25. Channel System v2

We really worked hard to make these things possible, but this is not enough, there is a long list of features still in que & yet to come, i.e. Music and Pictures etc and all will be free and open source, we need sponsors and donations and more important, we want more development contribution, you all are welcome to join our team. ClipBucket has entered in his first RC state and we are hoping to release gold version pretty soon. We will keep improving our code, we will never stop our development.So no need to wait more. Upload the V2 and Start building your own Video Sharing Empire!

Thanks for being part of our ClipBucket Community

Arslan Hassan

By Comments off , , March 4, 2010