Well, so far, you have seen only what we have showed you, but , there are alot of things that we haven’t described yet or you can say, we didn’t get enough time to put our hands on these things so ultimately turned to *SECRETS*. Ok , lets move to real things

1. User Feeds

Yes, ClipBucket do create user feeds, for example “User has subscribed to other user” or “User has added other user as friend” or “User has uploaded new video” , these all feeds can be turned into real-time streams that requires little high performance server though it will work fine with users that are not more than 400 million, perhaps :p.

2. Multiple Files for Single Video

Now, What the hell is this ? ?…. its nothing like an ultimate feature but useful one that can be used for large videos to split them into parts , for example a video with the file name 123465798.flv can have 10 more parts such as 123465798-1.flv , 123465798-2.flv, 123465798-3.flv , 123465798-string.flv , 123465798-type.3gp and so on, ClipBucket is smart enough  to get all these file with only one function and that is  “get_all_video_files()”

3. Unlimited Video Thumbs

as i told you about files, ClipBucket can also produce as many thumbs for each video as you want and you can create a full time preview of a video using our Thumb Rotator Plug-in


there are many things that are still secret but these are secrets not because i didn’t get time but i forgot what are they :p

you can utilize these features as you want, i want to add Pictures and Music but STILL i haven’t seen any developer contribution who can take responsibility of creating any of these section. I can only hope for the best.

– Az

By Comments off April 7, 2010