Hello Fellas
i finally re-active now and hopefully will try to sort out the all the things asap.

lets categorize my article

  • Whats up with the next update
  • Wheres 2.1 ?
  • PakPlayer is ready for beta release :O

Whats up with the next update

well, its quite a long since we have released a new update, its simple, we were waiting for a good bug list to fix and so far all reported bugs have been fixed. We are working on ClipBucket Re Index that will re count all stats like Videos uploaded by user, total videos, total comments , comments made by user etc and update the database to keep the stability of content details in ClipBucket.

From past 2 years, we were waiting for a good player, now Pak Player is going to release with next update which is based on flowplayer so thanks to FlowPlayer and team.

Wheres 2.1

Well, once we are finished with 2.0.8 , we gona work on 2.1

Key Features that are already decided

  1. Pictures
  2. Blogs
  3. Music
  4. Smart Search
  5. Advance Social Networking
  6. User Wall System based on micro blogging and sharing system
  7. API system
  8. Easy Integration System

Sorry for not writing documentation for v2, but now we are taking this think pretty seriously and hopefully we will be able to ACT on it very soon.

PakPlayer is ready for beta release

Yes, PakPlayer is ready for its beta release, in this release we will have these features

  1. Youtube Enabled
  2. Js Enabled
  3. Pseudo streaming
  4. HD – SD videos
  5. Auto Play videos in Playlist
  6. 1 Click Setup
  7. Css based skin change

what we will have in full release

  1. Advertisment
  2. Dynamic Content
  3. Related Videos
  4. Sharing Options
  5. And some other cool stuff

what we can do with this player

  1. We can code its plugin as we do for Flowplayer
  2. We can do make its new and cool skins
  3. We can use all available plugins of Flowplayer

PakPlayer is official ClipBucket player which is originally based on Flowplayer, but we have changed its source to meet our needs. PakPlayer is distributed under Attribute Assurance License.

Demo will be online soon and will be notified to all subscribed users.

P.S : Please ignore my grammar or spell mistakes..

– Az

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