Well folk, I am very happy to announce that we are celebrating our 4th birthday of ClipBucket (1st October). Its been a while since we have been working on this project and we are really lucky to have an active community and users like you and we are really thankful to you for being a part of ClipBucket Community.

To wish ClipBucket a happy birthday, please visit this page

ClipBucket 2.6 and new features

We have fixed a list of bugs but this time there are quiet logical than before and we assume debugging is a part of a healthy community 🙂

Here is a list of new features that you will find in our new ClipBucket

  1. CBPlayer (ClipBucket Player), Clipbucket now has JWPlayer integrated
  2. Now with even better Video SEO URLs and URL duplicity has been removed
  3. Now you can access channels with username i.e (
  4. Turn on/off facebook embed option
  5. Added more even more user permissions
  6. Now control each plugin permissions for each user level
  7. Improved User Mass Email, now with user limit and more options
  8. Improved FFMPEG conversion and Server modules check, now compatible with Git Hub and new versions
  9. Improved Conversion log for better debugging
  10. Now with Static Pagination option to reduce server load

and here is the list of changes we have made this time

Updated : Server modules check
Updated : Conversion log check
Update admin area text
Fixed : Update installer for 2.6
Fixed : CB Player preview thumb and Details
Updated : CB Server Modules
Updated : FFMPEG Conversion
Added : Mass Email
Update : Update cb stats
Update : FFMPEG codecs check
Fixed : video counts on user block even after video section is disabled
Fixed : user photo counts even after disabling photos section
Fixed : ReWrite Syntax Injection
Added : New mass email
Added : Plugin permissions in user levels
Fixed : Video links option | in admin area
Updatet : Template static variable to Cbucket->template
Moved : User permissions in classes/collections.class.php
Fixed : Video listing Most Viewed
Fixed : Video link options in admin area
Fixed : PHPMailer for localhost
Fixed : email case insensitivie
Fixed : extra params in plugins
Fixed : crousal in view channel
Updated : Counter function, now counts rows instead of pages\
Updated : upgradeable.php to load 2.6 sql
Fixed : SEO URL redirect for Videos
Updated : cbplayer.plugin.php
Added : cbplayer.plugin.php
Fixed : website_logo in player


This is for now 🙂 we have more major changes in upcoming few months that will going to rock ClipBucket completely and we hope you will be happy to be a part of ClipBucket.


– Arslan Hassan & CB Team

By Comments off October 1, 2011