Packed with Features

Fully Featured End-to-End Video/Audio/Physical Platform with Apps for Web, Mobile & TV

Your Own Domain
Use your own domain name. Get completely white labeled website. No mention of Clipbucket anywhere.
Your Website & Android App now comes in-built with Chrome cast Streaming Support!
Roku App
Launch your own Roku Channel / App!
Built-in CDN
Clipbucket uses one of the leading CDN's in the industry - Amazon CloudFront to syndicate your videos across the world
Clipbucket Mobile (SDK)
Quickly and easily build a variety of high-performing apps for smartphones and tablets
Built-in SEO Tools
Get in-built SEO tools to better submit and optimize your content and videos on Search Engines like Google and Bing
Policy Engine
Unlock the true power of a streaming service owner with our super smart Policy Engine
Video Advertising (AVOD)
Monetize your videos on Video Advertising (AVOD). Clipbucket integrates with all major and popular Ad Servers. Sell your own Ads!
Page Management
Add, Edit and Delete additional content pages using Clipbucket in-build CMS.
Enrich video experience by adding information, interactivity & engagement. Add layer text, links, & hotspots over your video.
Your Logo Everywhere
Display your logo everywhere to your viewers, on the site, on your apps and on the video player.
E-learning platform from Clipbucket distinctly scores on its ease of use, adaptability, and futuristic UI.
Video Views
View reports on your what's trending on your videos, which videos are getting maximum views and what your users are not watching.
Server Side Security & Firewall
Clipbucket along with Amazon provides you a very robust security infrastructure by deploying Server Side Security and Firewall
SSL Certificate
Higher security credential and safer transction and data transfers on your platform
Launch Instantly
Cloud Deployment, Launch in 1-click, No coding required.
Supports Subscription (SVOD), Transactional (TVOD/PPV) and Video Ads (AVOD). Coupon Codes and Multiple Payment Gateways
Embed Videos
Embed & Play Videos from sites like YouTube & Vimeo on your platform
As much as it is easy to build your platform on Clipbucket, it is equally easy to launch it.
PCI Compliance
PCI Compliance for secure online transaction from your platform.
Clipbucket Onyx
Preview Mobile Apps Instantly
Footer Management
Build on Clipbucket and manage the footer section of your website directly from the CMS
Most Advanced CMS
Clipbucket provides an out-of-the-box CMS, where you can manage your entire OTT platform across all devices, apps, and platforms, from a single admin panel.
Offline Viewing
The Clipbucket platform supports offline viewing as many OTT businesses are enabling it.
Clipbucket allows users to configure a reminder for getting notified of the upcoming game of Super Bowl or the upcoming episode of GoT that’s due for release an hour later.
Restrict Simultaneous Login
Restrict the no of devices/sessions users can Login simultaneously using Multiple devices.
Audio Streaming
Launch your own Audio Streaming Platform Instantly!
Add Dynamic Content and Scripts Anywhere on Your Page.
Replicate the same content in multiple stores.
iOS App
Get a native iOS app that works across iPhones, iPads, iPad Pro as well as iPod touch!
Metadata Management
Make your content discoverable on the web and on your platform
In-App Purchases
Get your own branded Apple TV, Roku TV and Fire TV App, supports Subscription (SVOD), Pay Per View (TVOD) & Ad Supported (AVOD) Monetization Models
Customization (DevHours)
Want something customized? Need new feature or function? Our Custom DevHours package takes care of all your additional needs.
Multiple Product Images
Upload multiple image and video files to describe the physical goods on your e-store.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is positioned to rise and reshape the streaming ecosystem
Audio Player
Powered by advanced features like multi-bitrate transcoding, smart audio encoder, and an embed option to deliver seamless music streaming.
Online Video Player
Cross-platform, cross-browser & cross-device compatible HTML5 based Online Video Player, supports AVOD, Subtitles & Dual Audio.
Clipbucket CMS supports WYSIWYG Editor creating and editing pages is as simple as using Word.
Encoding & Transcoding
Automatically convert your videos to various file formats and resolutions for cross device compatibility
Social Media Integration
ABuilt-in integration with social media. Social login and registrations, share on social media, and much more!
Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Olá, مرحبا, 您好, नमस्ते...Clipbucket speaks your language!
Integration with Google Analytics
Clipbucket integrates easily with your favourite Analytics & Reports tools like Google Analytics, Omniture or be it Kissmetric.
Limit views
Limit number of views for your videos when selling on TVOD / PPV model
Partner Portal
Share real time reports with your content partners enabling them to track performance at their end
Fully-featured Website
Get a responsive website which is preconfigured with over 100+ features
Full API
Take full control of your platform, use APIs to build video streaming capabilities into your own Web and Mobile apps
Content Ordering
On the Clipbucket platform, you can build, offer, and maintain a hygienic content library.
People Library
Manage all the cast and crew associated with each content at one place.
Create & manage Vouchers to provide content offers on your platform.
Playlist & Queue
Create & Share Playlists & Let users add content to Queues.
Help Center
Help center allows you to display FAQs about your platform to your users, you can create new entries, edit old entries.
VPN Detection
Restrict access to users using 3rd party VPN services.
Enable your Video Streaming Platform with Airplay to stream from your Apple Devices.
This feature lets users conveniently look up for titles in your library and save time in getting at exactly what they wish to access.
Retargeting Code
Configure Multiple re-targeting codes to selected pages to track & measure the audience behavior on your platform.
Studio Approved DRM
Studio Approved DRM is Hollywood's Stamp of approval to keep pirates at the bay.
Clipbucket Playout
Launch and run your own Multiple Live TV Channels with Clipbucket Playout.
Pre-Pay Videos
Allow users to purchase your videos before they are live on site (Sell coming soon videos) set discounted / differential pricing, automatically notify users of video availability
Android App
Get a native Android app that works across all Android Mobiles & Tablets of all screen sizes.
Accept payments in US Dollars to Pounds, from Yuan to Yen or accept Bitcoins and Mobile Payments!
Apple TV
Get your own branded Apple TV App, supports Subscription (SVOD), Pay Per View (TVOD) & Ad Supported (AVOD) Monetization Models
User Generated Content
Allow End Users to Upload and Publish Self Generated Video Content on your Streaming Platform.
Multiple Variants
Upload multiple variants of the same physical product in the same window.
Unlock the most powerful streaming ecosystem with blockchain
Ratings and Comments
This feature allows your users to express their opinion about the content that you have put out for them.
Coupons & Promotions
Generate Coupon Codes and Promotions to offer discounts
One CMS for ALL Apps
Manage videos, metadata, content & pages from one single CMS / Admin panel. Updates across Web, Mobile and TV.
BYOD (Bring Your Own Design)
Bring Your Own Design. Ability to add your own design in HTML, CSS. Complete flexibility in the design, change anything anywhere.
Email Marketing
Send emails to your registered user base at the click of a button. Integrate with 3rd party email marketing services
Block your entire site or just individual pieces of content/videos.
Cloud Hosting
Clipbucket and all its platforms are hosted on the Cloud and provide infinite scalability, traffic, views and stability.
Avoid camera and screen capture copies of your content.
MRSS Feeds
Import your entire content library in one click using MRSS Feeds.
Mobile & TV Apps
Native mobile & TV apps, built from the ground up specially for you
Secure Infrastructure backed by Firewalls, SSL, encryption and a powerful DRM to protect your content.
Import/Export Content
Clipbucket facilitates bulk import of several content metadata to the library in your CMS.
Product Personalization
On Clipbucket Kart, you can enable visual personalization of your physical products at the user end.
Banner Editor
Banners are the single most important asset that draws viewers towards your content. Customize your banner content.
Bring Your Own Design (BYOD)
Create and edit personalized website design for your stream
Loyalty Program
Clipbucket features “Loyalty Program” that lets you reward your users for staying loyal to your streaming service.
My Favorites
Clipbucket lets your users keep their most preferred content in one place. They can mark content as favorites and consume later.
Registration and Login
With Clipbucket, you can ease the registration and sign-in process and create a better accessibility experience for your subscribers.
Stand-alone Static Pages
Stand-alone static pages help you create pages such as About Us, Vision, Mission etc.
Watch History
Watch history will provide details of the titles that end users have been watched on their account.
Fully Managed
Includes training, setup, deployment, support, maintenance and regular product updates
100% White Labelled
Clipbucket lets platform owners earn the website domain, and app development credits.
Menu Management
Create Menus on the fly, dynamically manage & structure them, add content & categories, add external links, support tree structure
Get a native Android app that works across all Android Mobiles & Tablets of all screen sizes.
Multiple Payment Gateways
Integrate your Favourite Payment Gateway and accept money directly to your bank accounts!
End User Support
Now, view the subscription status of your audience at your fingertips by setting relevant filters.
Software Development Kit
Software Development Kit (SDK) allows individual developers, service integrators, IT consultants, and streaming business owners to build a native app all by themselves.
Choose from a Bucket full of responsive templates and customize to reflect your brand. Edit on the Fly with Live Editor.
Clipbucket is committed in helping its customer on their GDPR compliance journey.
No Coding
With Clipbucket, you can go codeless throughout, right from sign-up until you go-live.
Easy Upload
Upload from Computer / Browser, Transfer from Server or Cloud Drives!
Offer Subtitles in multiple languages to viewers.
Responsive Design
All templates and custom designs by Clipbucket are responsive. Opens in any screen size or devices in modern browsers.
Recommendation Engine
Recommendation Engine is an AI-driven extension to showcase what your subscribers want to see.
Audience Relationship Management
View, Analyze & Manage conversations from a single dashboard. Manage support, send emails, view trends and much more
24x7x365 Support
Clipbucket provides you a support that works round the clock 365 days a year, just for YOU!
Video Encryption
All videos stored on Clipbucket follow 256 bit encryption protocol
Live Streaming
Sports, Events, Religious Functions or Coaching, now you can Live Stream from your mobile, camera or satellite feed
Powerful CMS
Control everything from one single admin panel. From Servers and CDN to Website Templates and Mobile Apps all at your fingertips
Amazon Fire TV App
Launch your own branded Amazon Fire TV App, supports Subscription (SVOD), Pay Per View (TVOD) & Ad Supported (AVOD) Monetization.
Device Management
Restrict Number of Devices a user can use at one time.
Video Library
Upload video files using the Clipbucket CMS and add them to the library with ease.
Blogs Section
With Clipbucket"Blogs” section in the website, you can have all your platform literature in one place.
Featured Sections
Creating “Featured Sections” is a good means to classify content based on multiple parameters beyond genre, format, etc.
Android TV App
Launch your own Customized and White labeled Android TV App Instantly !!
Samsung TV App
Launch your own Customized and White labeled Samsung Smart TV App Instantly !!
Clipbucket Kart
Monetize your platform by adding physical goods and products through Clipbucket Kart for your viewers.
Visual Designer
This feature allows platform owners to make instant edits to their website and update them.
Download Content
Enable direct download of files like .mp4 .mp3 .pdf .doc .ppt .avi etc. and monetize the same
Fire OS Mobile App
Launch your own App for Fire OS instantly.
My Library
My Library” is a single place that tracks and records all the titles consumed by users on your streaming service.