First of all i must say thanks to Frank who lead this project and worked so hard on it.

Whats the Alpha Version and why it was released ?

well , frank didn’t want it to release , he wanted to improve it a lil more before releasing but I was in such a hurry that he had to release it. Alpha version is supposed to be released for testing purposes and to know likes and dislikes of people, if you want to use it for your live website, we wont stop you but you better go with scripts not having beta or alpha tags, perhaps beta is better than Alpha.

Alpha version is release so that we can test our current development as well as add new features. if you have bad ideas about design and code don’t spit them out yet as you don’t know really about what changes have been made.

new template will be coming with its final release with a handy docs for customization.

ClipBucket v1.7.2 will not have as big features as you imagine, but we will try to embed them in v2.

well , please say thanks to Frank for his efforts.

By Comments off September 13, 2009