Well controlling video quality with reasonable file size has always been a problem when you don’t have proper codec. i will say H264 is best codec for converting video , it controls quality better, gives low size video that works perfect but you must have a properly compiled FFMPEG .

i was working with MP4 and FLV from last 3 weeks, daily conversion tests, compilation and bla bla , in the end , i finally able to get what i want with proper configurations that are controlled by Clipbucket (v2)

look at the samples – disregarding audio and video bitrate

Normal FLV Video

Video Codec : H264
Audio Codec : AAC
Output Size : 267 KB
Duration : 6.21
Dimensions : 400×226

HQ MP4 Video

Video Codec : H264
Audio Codec : AAC
Output Size : 1.29 MB
Duration : 6.21
Dimensions : 1280×270

Still fighting with video size using flags – combining with server performance etc . but in ClipBucket v2 you will have option for both , either to go with normal quality or also convert videos in HQ .

ClipBucket has built in functions that checks the video weather its HQ/HD then it checks weather FFMPEG is capable of converting video or not, then proceed . Gives proper report to the admin who can track problems , i cant say easily but a handy log that can help server admins and developers to reach the problem fast.

Bottom Line

I must say, this is not the best part of ClipBucket v2 as it has many advance features that no one imagine before – ClipBucket v2 is 80% for developers , so they can develop – contribute and make it more usable.

By Comments off October 5, 2009