After struggling two years, now its time to go fully open source, fro past 1 year, we were releasing ClipBucket under CBLA that simple states that you cannot resale it, but now we are officially releasing ClipBucket under “Open Source OSI : The Attribution Assurance License”, that simple states that

  1. Redistributions of source code, in whole or part and with or without
    modification (the "Code"), must prominently display this GPG-signed
    text in verifiable form.
  2. Redistributions of the Code in binary form must be accompanied by
    this GPG-signed text in any documentation and, each time the resulting
    executable program or a program dependent thereon is launched, a
    prominent display (e.g., splash screen or banner text) of the Author’s
    attribution information, which includes:
    (a) Name ("Arslan Hassan"),
    (b) Professional identification ("Powered by ClipBucket"), and
    (c) URL (
  3. Neither the name nor any trademark of the Author may be used to
    endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific
    prior written permission.
  4. Users are entirely responsible, to the exclusion of the Author and
    any other persons, for compliance with (1) regulations set by owners or
    administrators of employed equipment, (2) licensing terms of any other
    software, and (3) local regulations regarding use, including those
    regarding import, export, and use of encryption software.


Now, Developers have fully permission of selling, distributing our code but it must carry our name on it as the license said.

Next version of ClipBucket ie ClipBucket v2.0.4 will be released under this licensing modal.

original source of license can be found here

Thanks for Using ClipBucket


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