Sorry for delaying our next update, 2.0.4, upgrader took more time than expected, anyways, upgrader is final and we are waiting for final call to release the next update and that is fix of all bugs that are discovered. So you can expect next version will be out in next 24 ~ 48 hours and that are my FINAL WORDS 😉

Well, we checked Youtube’s New Video Page, and we decided to chase YouTube this time =D,

yea, we are planning to make all Youtube features possible in ClipBucket from top to bottom , left to right, a to z. In order to make this feature possible, we need your support in all terms ($-$) , our plans are to make these feature available to public for free but if we dont get enough contribution in form of ($) then possibly we charge you little in order to buy new pair of shoes every sunday =D yea we really mean it.

Dont think that we are ever going to make ClipBucket paid, or going to remove or limit any exisiting feature so be chill, we just need some booster so we can Race with Youtube, its a tough competitor but we want to participate… 😉

Anyways, please gather as many people as you can for our support, we really need now, we are trying hard, there are only 2 people in whole development of ClipBucket and that are

1) Me – Arslan
2) Fawaz

you can see our work and we can make ClipBucket like Youtube , open, free for you guys…

you keep making websites with ClipBucket and we keep making it better and better

Shaba Khair


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