After struggling hard with Upgrader and updater, i accidently, deleted the original source files 😮 , now finally, after working again, they are back in working form. ClipBucket v2.0.4 is out now, though it is still in BETA stage because we are still not sure weather all bugs are fixed or not.

Download :
Demo :

Admin Demo Username and Password
username : demoadmin
password : demoadmin

We are working on many many many things, you can suggest us new features , some tweaks, style changes so that we can make ClipBucket more better..

New JUICY THEMES by Zohaib will also available by tommorow and some cool plugins are also in the list…yes ALL FOR FREE.. 🙂


Hot Updates

  1. Secure Cron Jobs
  2. Category Order
  3. Completely Multilingual
  4. Country List
  5. Youtube Auto Play Control
  6. Referal Url
  7. Limited Videos Conversion at Once

and many more…..but enough for this blog :p

Change Log

Fixed Installer Sql
Updated : Installer
Releasing : 2.0.4
Fixed : total_videos_watched
Fixed : Playlist Duration
Fixed : Manny Things
ADDED : Auto Play Option
Added : Youtube Referal URL option
Added : PHPInfo in admin panel
ADDED : New Manage Player page
Added : Rows option in ClipBucket Form Object
Fixed : Embed Code Empty on Updat..
Fixed : Many bugs…
Fixed : Multple Video Conversion at once
Fixed : Cron Job Security
Fixed : Embed Code Security
Fixed : Ads Manager
ADDED : New Country List
Fixed : set keep mp4 as is
Fixed : Dont check for BASE URL if Cron is Running
ADDED : Date Format
Fixed : User Queries
Fixed : Video QUeue
Fixed : My Channel link in sub menu
Fixed : JS Errors
ADDED : HQ Button
Fixed : Auto Buffering of both HQ and Normal Quality Video
Fixed : Language Import
Fixed : Editor’s Pick CSS
Removed : Join Group
Added : Admin Panel Display Options
Fixed : Language Phrases of Menus
Fixed : All Language Spots and Phrases from template Files
Fixed: language phrases for front end from all php files
Fixed : Language phrases
updated: version file
Added : More User Moderation Option In Admin Panel
FIXED : get_group_videos
FIXED : get_members
FIXED : video.class.php
Fixed : get_groups
Fixed : add_groups
Fixed : Session to get playlist check
Fixed : get_comments
Fixed : private_message
Fixed : Sent Items
UPDATED : Few SQL Queries
Fixed : channels.html ads box
Fixed : functions.php
Fixed : get_videos function in video.class.php
Fixed : get_groups function in groups.class.php
Fixed : log.class.php
FIXED : mysql queries
REMOVED : unused functions
FIXED : tbl function
Fixed : removed all mysql_query and replaced with ADODB
UPDATED : Custom Fields plugins
UPDATED : Editors Pick plugins
UPDATED : Embed Video plugins
UPDATED : Global Announcement plugins
Fixed : ads.class.php db tbls
UPDATED : cbpage.class.php
UPDATED : ClipBucket.class.php
UPDATED : groups.class.php
Fixed : lang.class.php db tbl
Fixed : my_queries.class.php db tbl
FIXED : plugin.class.php db tbl
Fixed : pm.classes/pm.class.php
Fixed : sent items "to"
Fixed : search.class.php
Fixed : groups.class.php Search
fixed : session.class.php db tbls
Fixed : upload.class.php db tbls
UPDATED : cbemail.class.php
UPDATED : category.class.php
Fixed : user.class.php db tbls
UPDATED : actions.class.php
Fixed: video.class.php db tbls
Fixed : conversion/ffmpeg.class.php db tbls
Fixed : tbls of admin area
FIXED : admin_area/charts DB tbls
FIXED : tbl function
ADDED : tbl function in actions folder
FIXED : Group Category ‘%s’
FIXED : Button disable while adding comment
FIXED : Template Editor Strip Slashes
FIXED : Groups Privacy Setting
ADDED : Owner can delete comments
ADDED : download option
FIXED : 2.0.3~2.0.4.txt
ADDED : 2.0.3 ~ 2.0.4 Notes and SQL
ADDED : Unscriptions
FIXED : PM order
Fixed : BBCodes and PLugins in Private messages
Added : Category Order
Added : Editor’s Pick Order
Added : Editor’s Pick Remove
Fixed : Sent items error
Fixed : Delete user
UPDATED : Set of numbers of videos being watched from admin area
FIXED : .htaccess
Update 2.0.2 ~ 2.0.3 SQL
Fixed : Comment Rating
Fixed : Spam COmment…
Fixed : get_video function , now checks weather input string is numric or varchar so call query accordingly
Fixed : Stats and get_{object} functions
Fixed : User signup and admin add user captcha
Fixed : Plugin Manager, inlude plugin file upon installation
ClipBucket v2.0.3 Released
Fixed : Installer
Changeset activity in Clipbucket2
Fixed : Mass Upload
Fixed : Remote Upload
Fixed : video_block float

Well, please email us, leave us feedback or open topics on if you face any kind of problem.

lets get back to work…


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