Hello fellows

ah, i have been inactive from past few days, had to do some tough work, still not done but i can tell the release date of ClipBucket RC2
a long term problem that is coming with ClipBucket is video processing and i tried to add as much system abilities as i can. now featuring two more options and that are “Quick Conversion” and “Server Friendly” , as their names say, Quick conversion is basically used to turn on quick video conversion that starts converting videos as soon as it is uploaded and Server Friendly simple does not let ClipBucket to process videos more than 1 at a time.

Besides this, we have added

– Comments Moderation and Global Spam Option (if admin spam comment, it will not display)
– Subscribed Videos, this option was not added throughout ClipBucket v2 Releases
– Show Inactive sign on videos to admin on front end and quick video moderation.
– Fixed Video search in admin
– Fixed Video search in front end
– Fixed Group videos count
– Fixed Many Parts of View Channel
– Some more..

and the worst part was that, i recently update my OS and reinstalled local server and forgot to turn on magic_quotes_gc in php settings and that cause recent of version of ClipBucket alot of problems, advertisements were not adding properly, new gibberish text appears on adding new page so i recently found this problem and now its finally fixed for all next releases

ClipBucket RC2 Will be released on 23rd March – “Yaum – e – Pakistan” with a very special Green Template.

Now with

recently we contacted all FLV Players owners, few responded good and few didn’t and some didn’t even bother to reply us back but there was only one guy who agreed to go with ClipBucket. Bala fro Hes player is awesome, got all features that we wanted for ClipBucket and he agreed to let us distribute their player with ClipBucket for free but with their brand name on it

  • Plays FLV, Mp4, H264
  • Pesudo Streaming
  • Youtube Video
  • Playlist
  • Related Videos
  • Advertisments
  • Easily Skinable
  • and many more

check all features here

we will try to add as much controls as we can in ClipBucket to control this player. Again i thanks Bala and his team for being a partner of ClipBucket

ClipBucket & JFusion

“JFusion does its magic with the use of its JFusion user and authentication plugins. These plugins allow the complete customisation of the Joomla login behaviour without any core hacks to Joomla. When multiple softwares are integrated there needs to be one “master” software that controls all user management actions. When a user logs in to Joomla, JFusion will validate the user based on the user details in the master software. If a user is succesfully authenticated, JFusion will automatically create or update the user in all of the slave softwares.”

I am really thankful for JFUSION team for creating ClipBucket and JFusion Plugin, that will let ClipBucket to integerate with other scripts more easily 🙂

You can check and Download this plugin from JFUSION website