ClipBuket 2.0.7 – Stable has been released – Download Now

well, i was being very optimistic with the things but believe me, it was “really” tough for handling all the jobs all alone (perhaps not that alone). Well, i must say thanks to these guys “oUTSKIRTs” , “Franky” and offcourse “Fawaz”. ClipBucket v2 is now in fully working stage.

Ok, well, BUG is kind of NATURAL thing in WORLD of PROGRAMMING so don’t afraid of it as we always got a bug killer (no violence). But, so far, all basic features for a video sharing website off-course one like Youtube , have been ACHIEVED =D

ok , i am not writing about the change log, infact, i am going to tell what ClipBucket Got.

ClipBucket Feature List (Summary Only)

  • Built-in video conversion class with embedding feature
  • Video Thumbnail generation if video is uploaded to the server
  • Extendable Video Form so user can customize the form and ask members all the details he wants about the video
  • Easy-to-use Video Moderation, Reporting and Managing
  • Built-in fully featured Category Based sections (Videos, Users, Groups, or you can add your own)
  • Ajax Based Commenting System so users don’t need to reload the page
  • Ajax Video Rating, Add To Favorite and Other Basic Features
  • Fully Featured Playlist , Now, Autoplay option with HDFLVPLAYER
  • Use as much players as you want, try JW , try HDFLVPLAYER, try others, whatever you like
  • Very easy Template editing and simple functions like get_videos(array(‘limit’=>’10’));
  • Add videos to your QuickList, with our unique idea.
  • The Editor’s Pick, unbeatable
  • Play Youtube Videos in your Player, even Embedded
  • Captcha on all required areas
  • Fully Featured User Management System , easy-to-integrate with other apps like Facebook
  • Group Based Users so user can allow different permissions
  • Category based users so members can categorize more easily
  • Channel System, like Youtube had before (it just changed the look)
  • Fully Controllable Admin Area
  • Manage Video Conversion Process
  • Background conversion (pretty old, but always work)
  • Server Friendly Conversion
  • Gravatar Integrated
  • Optimized Friendship system
  • Create your own pages easily
  • Fully Template Based
  • Built-in Template Editor
  • Website Stats
  • Admin Notes

still a-lot to go, my memory isn’t that sharp :p

Why ClipBucket ?

  • It has Template System Like WordPress (just upload and activate)
  • It has Player System that NO OTHER SCRUPT HAS (just upload and activate)
  • More control over players
  • Worpdress like Plugins (upload and install)
  • Very easy to code plugins
  • Very easy to intenerate with any system
  • Fully Open Source (OSI APPROVED)

well, when i say , its EXTENDIBLE to MAXIMUM , does i have to explain anymore ? ok , good , i know you are wise guy/gal so lets go download ClipBucket and give it a TRY , i bet, you are not going to leave it 😉

Feature Plans

  • Many new items, in other words, Turn ClipBucket from Video Sharing to MultiMedia ( ++music & ++pictures)
  • Do you need a blog  for each website ? yes ? so “WordPress Integration”
  • More accessible for all users and all kind of servers
  • More Easy-to-understand documentation
  • Invite Developers to work on our code
  • Open and friendly community

Final Words (for today’s blog)

“if you can’t catch the technology, at-least try to chase it” – my originals

well, i cant make ClipBucket exact like Youtube, because i can never know what they are thinking of transforming Youtube Into, so let us try our best and we will definitely chase them down and make big technologies usable and opensource.

Shab’a khair

Arslan (Az)

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