ClipBucket 2.0.8 Rev 366 , We released 2.0.8 Rev 365 yesterday, but few bugs remains there so that’s why we have to release Rev 366, now its a clean release, some aw some new features and even more stable video conversion.

Lets start with PakPlayer

As we told you before, Pakplayer is based on flowplayer so it woks the same as Flowplayer BUT we made a core editing to integrate with our need completely, here is a quick overview of what Pakplayer can do

Pseudo Streaming

Pakplayer can pseudo stream videos, works with lighttpd H264 streaming as well as rtmp. For those who don’t have lighttpd can work things out  with xmoov.


Pakplayer is really easy to control, almost every part of Pakplayer is controlled via Java-scripting, using jQuery, Controlling Pakplayer is no more difficult, you can either read flowplayer articles or wait for our docs.


Pakplayer can extend its power with its plugins such as Youtube or Advertising or Viral Videos like, we Compiled Main source with Youtube and Pseudo Streaming plugin only, you can expect more in future.


Pakplayer skin can be changed with  CSS, you can brand your own player, change gradients, styles easily, its totally based on CSS 3 and XHTML
well folks, this a very basic overview of Pakplayer which i can write in very basic mode. I have to go advance in order to tell its core capabilities.

Uniqueness of ClipBucket

There are many video sharing script available but what makes Clipbucket so special ? here is a list of features you wont find in any other script.
– Free & Open Source , ClipBucket is first free & open source video sharing website script.
– Easy plugin system, no other script has easy plugin system as compared to ClipBucket because of its stability and flexibility
– Video Conversion Method, Clipbucket’s video conversion method is much more advance then any other script, now we are planning to introduce OGG and html 5 in next version as well as mobile video option.
– Flexible Playlist and Quicklist, ClipBucket playlist is much faster and can be auto play if using PakPlayer. If you have seen Youtube’s play feature, you can say ClipBucket’s quicklist system works the same.
– User Levels, All other scripts lack of this important feature.
– Easy Template Engine, ClipBucket template editing is the most easy-to-edit template system among all.
– Regular Updates, if you happened to become a part of any other video sharing script community, you can tell, ClipBucket is the most active amongst all.

How you can start a power video sharing website

If you are planning to start a big video sharing website with ClipBucket, you must have following things.
– a reliable hosting
– Optimized server(S) for content delivery – Proper setup of ClipBucket – A qualified Server administrator – A full time ClipBucket developer – ClipBucket Premium Support Package

its never been easy to run a video sharing website, buts its not that difficult, if you have a proper team with our support and modules, you can run video sharing website easily. You can ask for other modules such multi server, facebook connect and paid subscription from our support department. These are also very important features of a star video sharing websites.

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