Hi Guys

I am here to annoucne, our update has been delayed, yea you guys already know 25th december has already passed, but due to few reasons we decided to delay our release.

– Fawaz was on vacations and there was no language pack for the picture mod, now i will have it today as he is back
– In addition to remote upload, i have added Upload from Youtube, now user just need to put Youtube Link and you will have its video embedded
– We need to optimize Javascript as well as mysql to improve overall performance of the script
– We also have to improve our pagination system for stability of website and server
– Some of important things are still missing , i will list them once we will finish working on them

We have also added “Remote play” upload option , that will let you enter any video file link and it will be played from that link instead of download, convert and all the processing stuff 😉

I know many users are awaiting for new release, please be cool as we are working on many parts of Clipbucket for its stability.

Relase date : Fatal error, unknown date defined release_date(); please stick with older version till new update arrives

If you guys have an idea in your mind, you can simply post it on our forums.

– the Master Mind 😉

By Comments off December 28, 2010