I guess we have waited you too long but its like ‘Rome was not built in a day’, so instead of keep you busy in my post, here is the link to our new clipbucket v2.1

ClipBucketv 2.1 Online Demo

Here is the Page for bug reporting

[New Features]

– Photo Module
– Upload interface with Multiple Files
– Now with working Remote Upload and Grab videos from Youtube
— Only OS php remote upload with status Bar
– Remote Link videos to play in your player – no uploading just link and play.
– 1 Page Uploading
– Collections
– Sections Enable/Disabled so you can use any section stand alone
– Improved categories
– Improved Layout
– Improved conversion system
– Introduced new conversion settings – just drop down and select your choice
– Introduced Conversion Lab to find out why your videos are not converting
– Removed ‘powered by clipbucket’ from title

[How to report bug]

– Signup
– Upload videos
– Create Collections
– Upload photos
– Comments
– Browse All Pages
– Click all buttons
– Do stupid things (important!)

Reporting Bug
post your bug with following attachments
– create videos (very helpful)
– capture screenshot ( helpful )
– what you were doing when this happened?

By 12 Comments January 11, 2011