If you are running a ClipBucket website then you must know following tips in order to keep your website running smoothly

1 # Keep your stuff clean

Delete files from your temp directory which are old and are not deleted by Clipbucket, if you don’t want to keep video conversion logs for long time delete them after specified time, we have added new options in “Tool Box” called maintenance for deleting inactive sessions, old activity feeds and access logs that actually takes a lot of space on your server. Keep checking your server performance and delete conversion locks if your videos stop converting.

2 # Server optimization

No matter how much fast or professionally written script you choose, most important role is played by your server and its configuration, if server is not configured properly a small HTML based website can even cost you big problems so always make sure your server is optimized and is configured according to your requirement. Keep an eye on apache or your website log error log and make sure your mysql is configured properly to handle enough of the traffic. Use quality servers for a video conversion website because it takes a lot of CPU.

3 # MultiServer and content offloading

When too many connections are made on 1 server it can crash and cost you many problems such has hardware failure so we always recommend you MultiServer plugin for ClipBucket, by using a MultiServer plugin you can keep your videos, thumbs and photos on different servers so your website can handle HTTP requests properly and do not crash on having a large load of traffic.

4 # ReIndexing is important

When you see a user uploads 10 videos but Clipbucket shows it has uploaded 8 or 5 or may be –1 its because ClipBucket increment or decrement video counts when user uploads or deletes a video but sometimes when you mass embed or mass delete videos, this counting can go bit wrong so we suggest you to re-index videos, users and other objects to keep your stats updated on your website, to use ClipBucket ReIndexer goto Admin Area > Tool Box > ReIndexer

5 # Fix video duration

If your ClipBucket missed the video duration, you can goto Admin area > Tool box > Fix duration , here you can find videos with no duration, you can choose option how to update duration and most chances are ClipBucket will fix your video duration by reading its conversion log.

6 # Updated and Properly installed Server modules

FFMPEG, FLVTool2, FLVtool++ and MP4Box , these modules are open-source and are widely used for video conversion and repairing but if they are not updated properly, they can cause your videos not to convert or stream properly so always keep an updated version of these modules , you can ask ClipBucket official team to do this job for you.

7 # Pseudo Streaming

Pseudo Streaming is very important feature that every video sharing website must have but you must have a properly configured webserver in order to make it work. Ask your host to enable your server H264 streaming plugin so you can let your viewers to seek video from where they want to watch. Once your web server is properly configured for pseudo streaming , goto Admin Area > Manage players > Player settings > Check Pseudo streaming.

By Comments off July 16, 2011