Well, we have been lazy in releasing the updates and I am really sorry for that but we have never thought of stopping ClipBucket development. Today we have new challenges to accomplish and add more features to be on Top.

There have been more scripts in the market and ClipBucket, still, so far has very positive image and we have now looking to FORGED it even deeper with your support.

Ok, now lets move to the main thing. Many of you are waiting for our new upgrade. Before I tell you what it will have I will only give you a glimpse of what we have in our mind to put in ClipBucket.

– HTML5, yes this time its for real
– A Whole new template using Twitter Bootstrap
– Un-hiding the hidden features of ClipBucket (due to lack of documentation, now we are positive)
– Some awesome improvements in our Collections and Photos section
– Full version of Audio
– The Mobile version
– Open Integration, using JS

And some more cool ideas we have been thinking of implementing on ClipBucket.

This time, I will not ask for anyone to help us in developing ClipBucket, I think we can develop anything with the help of my AWESOME LITTLE TEAM of CLIPBUCKET, if still anyone wants to help us in development, you are welcome.

You all are welcome to write us an email to express your ideas , feedbacks or anything.

Just give us 30 Days, and you will have new ClipBucket Download Link in your inbox. I cannot promise, but still, I think we can make it.

Have a good day, and thanks for using ClipBucket.

With Love, From Pakistan
Arslan Hassan
A self-certified ClipBucket Head Developer

By Comments off April 8, 2012