ClipBucket’s journey towards greatness continues as we make yet another release to fix bugs and improve existing features.  We are proud to announce that ClipBucket 2.7.5 has been released and has been made available for download. We are thankful for your amazing feedback which allows us to fix issues and kill them quickly and we hope that it will get even better in future. Below is a list of important things that were fixed in ClipBucket 2.7.5

Remote Upload (YouTube Grabber) Fixed:

ClipBucket had a fully functional YouTube Grabber but it stopped working recently as YouTube’s API 2 was deprecated. We tried to fix it as soon as possible but it delayed because ClipBucket had much serious issues going on at the moment. Hence, we focused on them before and now that we feel like there aren’t many issues left, we decided to give our users a YouTube Grabber that works with API 3.

Multiple Processes At Once Fixed:

This issue remained hidden somehow. There were not many people who reported it and it escaped during testing as well. But this we went to bottom of this and found that it actually existed. Finally, it has been fixed and now only the number of videos you select will be converted at once.

Signup Spamming Issue Fixed:

Many users started reporting unusual amount of spam signups a few weeks ago. It turns out that our Signup Captcha is not working anymore.

We took immediate notice of this and created a new plugin (CB Captcha) that uses Google reCaptcha as base and puts a full stop at spam signups.

Description Issue Fixed:

You can’t add links and italic texts etc by default in ClipBucket description but with help of ClipBucket BBCODE plugin it can be done. For some weird reason, it had stopped ITALIC and UNDERLINE part.

It has also been fixed and you can go ahead and enjoy it.

We once again thank all of you for your tremendous support. Keep giving your valuable feedback and be the just critics. We love that. Have fun using ClipBucket 2.7.5


By Comments off July 10, 2015