ClipBucket continues to get better and better and server its users in even better way. We are glad to announce that we have released ClipBucket 2.7.6. Even though it is not a major release, it does fix some important and well demanded issues. ClipBucket is determined on making its users happy by giving them the best product possible. That is the reason why every time some user reports an issue or some problems, we start to make the release even if it is just one user.

Summary of ClipBucket 2.7.6

VideoJS Player:

ClipBucket introduces a new video player to make it easy for users to show videos in different style. Now you can fully use the power of VideoJS in all ways possible. It is currently in BETA stage but we are working hard on making it stable as soon as possible.

Max Processes At One Issue:

Max Processes at once was not working properly and was overriding the limit user gave to it. Now it has been fixed and only as many videos are converted at the same time as you chose.

Broken Characters In Title And Description Issue:

Some user reported that they were having trouble in putting Chinese, Latin and other language characters in their video title description and category names. We have fixed that as well.

At the end, we would like to thank you for being part of community. It is all because of you that ClipBucket is getting better. Thank you for pointing out all those erros and holes and your continued support. Have fun using ClipBucket.


By Comments off July 31, 2015