We are proud to announce that a currently active Googler (Google Employee) and former Microsoft guy Mr. Michael Lynch (Software Engineer) recently started using ClipBucket when he built a ClipBucket Ansible Role to automate installation of core software and dependencies.

He started using ClipBucket a few months back and had an idea for automating ClipBucket installation. However, since he was not much familiar with it yet, he asked ClipBucket Community for guidance.

He was thoroughly guided by ClipBucket officials and his work began. A few days back, he releases Ansible Role and is currently, actively working on ClipBucket related stuff as we can see form his GitHub. This is one of the signs of how awesome ClipBucket is and how rapidly it is evolving to match cutting edge web standards and raising the bar in Multi Media Sharing industry.

If you are unfamiliar with ClipBucket, checkout below links

Official Website
ClipBucket Demo

By Comments off September 17, 2016