ClipBucket Overview

Want to be a Next YouTube? Or want to Run your own Video Sharing Website and earn Profits? No matter how small or big your Dream is, ClipBucket will help you reach your goals of making your own profitable Video Sharing Portal. With ClipBucket you are only limited by your imaginations, not by its features & Enhancements. ClipBucket is committed to delivering an Unparalleled Entertainment Experience, and we do so by Engaging and Empowering our Content-Providers and Audience every step of the way – from Complete Multimedia Management of Videos, Photos & Audios to the Enhanced Social networking Features like Channels, Collections, Friends, Messages & Feeds. With ClipBucket’s unmatched scalability Users can Stretch their Applications from Family Video/Photo-album, shared only with selected users, to emerging talents and established Social Media Giants. ClipBucket has all the Features to become the Next Big Gun like YouTube, Metacafe, Veoh, Break, Dailymotion or Vimeo and on top of that its 100% free.

1. Open Source

ClipBucket is 100% Open source & Free, Simply download/Install it and you have your own Video portal running in Matter of minutes without putting weights on your pocket. You can edit it, according to your requirements.

2. Real Time Conversion

ClipBucket use Advance Server modules like ffmpeg to make on fly Video Conversions. So users can stream it straight away using HTML 5 Players.

3. Complete Media Management Script (MMS)

ClipBucket is not limited to just Videos, but it’s a complete Multimedia Management script and lets you manage Videos, Photos & Audios All together on One Platform. Make it convertible to any form of Web application.

4. User Management & Messaging System

ClipBucket comes with complete user management with internal Messaging Systems. Users can contact each other and Send Messages via built-in messaging service. With Easy and Intuitive User management you can Classify users in different classes as well as limit them to certain areas of ClipBucket.

5. Ajax Comments & Ratings

ClipBucket use advance AJAX techniques for the Comments & Ratings and in ClipBucket commenting system you can reply to comments & Like/Dislike them As well.

6. Multilingual

ClipBucket is multilingual. You can generate a language pack with just one click.

7. Channels & User Feeds

In ClipBucket all users have their own Channels which they can customize. While other users can subscribe them to get the latest update from them. Users Feeds are the updates & Activity of a Particular user just like Facebook.

8. Security

We try our best to make ClipBucket the most secure video platform by making it 100% SQL injection Free.

9. Scalability & Multi server

ClipBucket is a highly scalable Platform. With Multi Server Plugin (Paid) you can take your ClipBucket from one Server to 100’s of servers from just one Panel according to your & your Users Need. Now you don’t have to worry about traffic hikes & Optimization. ClipBucket has all the tools required.